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  • Thursday 31 July 2014

    This week we see commodity market has occurs continuously up and downs. MCX Gold and Silver are both looking very different. Some time Silver are goes high and some time it goes down. But stile it become a positive zone. But Gold are not recover as soon.

    MCX Gold are trade at down side with low price and it stand at Rs 27877 with -57 points down side. MCX Silver are trade at above side and it stand at Rs 44734 with 254 points above side.

    Crude Oil has goes below and trade at Rs 6031 with low -42 points. Zink has seen high deference from the morning. It open at Rs 144.35 but after it down to Rs 142.9 with -1.9 points. Copper are trade at Rs 434.7 with lower side -0.1 points.

    MCX Gold August Future traded with -0.53% and stand at Rs 27787 in commodity market.

    MCX Silver September Future traded with -0.23% and stand at Rs 44379 .

    Both preciouscommodity are down side in market today.

    MCX Crude Oil has trade at Rs 6022 with -0.86%.

    Natural Gas traded with 0.66% and stand at Rs 230.4 . It is in positive zone.

    Mentha Oil trade at Rs 693.5 with down side -0.39% .

    If we see energy product, then only Natural Gas has in above side otherwise Crude Oil and Mentha Oil both are in down side.

    Calls -

    Gold – Buy Gold future at 27787 target 27800 and stop loss 27700.

    Silver – Buy Silver above 44360 target 44500 and stop loss 44100.

    Crude OilBuy Crude Oil 6025 target 6055 and stop loss 6010.

    Natural Gas Sell Natural Gas at 230.4 target 228 and stop loss 233.

    Mentha OilSell Mentha Oil at 693.5 target 690.00 and stop loss 700.00 .

    Wednesday 30 July 2014


    Strong rain in the last 10 days from sowing acreage of pulses and oilseeds in the country has improved, but still pulses and oilseed sowing acreage has declined drastically. The main reason behind this is that at the time there was no rain at that time agriculture was in need of water. Kharif crops this year the event is set. 

    Sowing has decreased by 65.2 per cent in Madhya Pradesh. The state has until Thursday to Hectare 72,000. Last year was 207,000 hectares. Sowing in Maharashtra has lost 56.6 per cent. So far, 70,000 hectares have been sown.

    The next two days the gold key figures to come will determine the direction of America. On Wednesday, the U.S. central bank will decide on interest rates. With America's second-quarter GDP data on July 30 will be released.If interest rates are rising or growth figures come as a shock to see if gold prices can be found.

    Amid reports these past three weeks in the domestic market gold is trading between 28,500 to 27,500 and beyond its scope does business in gold is seen.

    Today Gold has started low opening. MCX Gold previous close Rs 27866 and open at down side with Rs 27853. It goes to high up at Rs 27878 and down to Rs 27825.
    MCX Gold has stand at this time at Rs 27840 with down side -26 points (-0.09%).

    Today Silver has started high opening. MCX Silver previous close Rs 44269 and open at up side with Rs 44336. It goes to high up at Rs 44378 and down to Rs 44303.
    MCX Silver has stand at this time at Rs 44306 with above side 37 points (0.08%).

    MCX Crude Oil trade at Rs 6098 with above side at 15 points (0.23%)

    MCX Copper trade at Rs 420.1 with down side at -1.75 points (-0.41%)

    Tuesday 29 July 2014

    Refer from - http://moneycontrol.com

    The country's newest stock exchange MCX-SX's name is going to change soon. Jignesh Shah created, the name of the Exchange Jignesh Shah has decided to do away with. According to sources, the MCX-SX Board Exchange Market regulator SEBI has sent a proposal for two new names.

    Sources of the MCX-SX board has agreed on two new names. Multi Commodity Exchange MCX-SX board plans to rid the image of the brand. So MCX-SX behalf of the Board of the New Age Stock Exchange and the International Stock Exchange is expected to put the seal on a name.

    According to sources, the MCX-SX may shift its head office and servers. Bandar-Kurla Complex to Andheri rates may shift. From the MCX-SX will also recruit new employees. MCX-SX is planned to raise up to Rs 500 crore.

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    Monday 28 July 2014


    MCX Gold: current price Rs 27919 with -0.07%

    previous close – 27890/-     opining – 28000/-
                       high – 28035/-             low – 27890/-

    technical point

    R1 : 28041.50         R2 : 28110.75
    S1 : 27896.50         S2 : 27820.75

    MCX Silver: current price Rs 44387 0.24%

    previous close – 44281/-     opining – 44390/-
                       high – 44534/-             low – 44291/-

    technical point –

    R1 : 44457.00                R2 : 44617.00
    S1 : 44214.00                S2 : 44131.00

    MCX Crude Oil: current price Rs 6112 -0.62%

    previous close – 6150/-         opining – 6125/-
                       high – 6149/-                 low – 6107/-

    technical point -

    R1 : 6158.50                  R2 : 6174.75
    S1 : 6116.50                  S2 : 6090.75

    Good morning friends. Today's good news for us. MCX- Gold, Silver, Aluminium, Copper, Nickel, Lead, Zink all are open at positive response. But Natural Gas are also move up-down in some time. And Crude Oil, Mentha oil, cotton are open at negative zone. 

    But its good news for us, most of the metals are getting above points. MCX Gold has trade Rs 28028, MCX Silver has trade Rs 44452, MCX Aluminium Rs 120.1, Copper trade Rs 432.05, Nickel trade Rs 1150.4, Lead trade Rs 136.25, Zink trade Rs 144.4. Its all of the move above side. 

    But MCX Crude Oil trade Rs 6120, Mentha oil trade Rs 699.1, Cotton trade Rs 18090. Its all are in move down side. 

    MCX Gold – points 
    R1 : 28005.50    R2 : 28056.75
    S1 : 27932.50     S2 : 27910.75

    MCX Silver – points 
    R1 : 44421.00   R2 : 44563.00 
    S1 : 44250.00   S2 : 44221.00

    Friday 25 July 2014

    All Base metals are in positive zone with good optimistic prices and traded at upside with good trading prices. Aluminium, Nickel, Zinc, Lead all are in positive side with good trading prices. Nickel traded at down side with low points in morning time, today nickel are very fluctuate and traded with swing positions. Nickel opening price is 1146.60 points and its last closing price is 1149.90 points. Nickel has good support and resistance levels: 

       S1: 1140.25 S2: 1130.25                                 more about.....

       R1: 1155.28 R2: 1170.75             

    Good morning friends, 

    Today we see MCX Gold are looking in great condition from yesterday. If we take data from yesterday then Gold has close at Rs 27626. Today it open green colour at Rs 27661 and goes high today at Rs 27693 and low at Rs 27651. 

    MCX Gold august future has been trade at Rs 27663 and it gained positive 36 point. And seen at MCX Silver, it really take high jump today from yesterday and also silver takes leed continuously . MCX Silver get leed above and move b/w 185 to 200 points. Silver previously closed at Rs 43786 and open at Rs 43964, today it goes high at Rs 44020 and low at Rs 43925. MCX Silver September future trade at Rs 43986 . 

    MCX Crude Oil :- Today 

    previous close- Rs 6158            Open at- Rs 6160 

    High- Rs 6160                          Low- Rs 61450 

    MCX Crude Oil trade at Rs 6153 and it gain negative 5 point. 

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    Thursday 24 July 2014

    Today Gold and Silver both are sad . Where Gold are open at Rs 27850 it is down to previous close.
    And this time MCX Gold August future trade at Rs 27810 with loss 72 points.

    Where as Silver also has same condition to Gold. Silver open at Rs 44700 its previous close is Rs 44928. MCX Silver September future trade at Rs 44870 with loss 49 points.

    Crude oil are in good condition in morning shift but it is not stand continuesly in this position. It change its position from 6210 to 6197. MCX Crude Oil August future trade at Rs 6196 with loss 3 points.

    Copper prices could come this week has seen the business between Rs 420-445. The main company Anglo American copper production in the first half of the year is announced. China has said that he is a construction company may be insolvent. Raising fears about the possibility of demand.

    Lead prices may remain in the range of Rs 128-134. Zinc prices have been trading in the range of Rs 138-143 can be seen. Nickel prices may trade in the range of 1100-1200. Aluminium can prices remain in the range of Rs 117-122. 

    Copper August future: 

    Sell- Rs 430 

    Target- Rs 423 

    Stop loss- Rs 434 

    Wednesday 23 July 2014

    National commodity market is showing gains in gold and silver is dull. With 0.21 per cent MCX gold is trading at Rs 27953 yield. With a decline of 0.05 percent while MCX silver is trading at Rs 45082. 

    MCX crude oil shown at red colour and with a decline of 0.13 per cent it trade at Rs 6174. 

    GOLD: Buy MCX Gold Rs 27953 Target Rs 28200 Stop loss 27750

    COPPER: Buy MCX COPPER Rs 427.4, 428 Target Rs 434 Stop loss 424 


    GOLD and SILVER: 

    Gold and Silver both commodities are in morning trade traded at above side with good optimistic side and traded at above side with good price. Gold recently gains 61 points and traded at Rs 27959 above side. Gold opening price is Rs 27924.00 above incremented side, and its past closing price is Rs 27895 . Silver also opens with positive side with good price and its opening price is Rs 45100.00 and its last closed price is Rs 45097 and recently traded at Rs 45049 above with gaind -37 points decrement.


    Crude oil performance graph also looking at down side with low points. In morning trade its opening price is Rs 6170 and its last closing price is Rs 6181 down side. Recently also traded at down side with low -22 points downside, while in other side natural gas looking also at nagetive zone with low optimistic price. Its opening price is Rs 228 and past closeing at Rs 228.9 down side. At recent natural gas trade at Rs 228. 

    Saturday 19 July 2014

    Next five year the commodities from iron ore to copper and crude will be lost. As global supplies climb. Crude recent losses as a sin of increased output. There will be substantial declines in some metals, energy, and bulk commodity. The period of continued year on year price rises for most commodity is over.

    A prolonged period of elevated commodity prices has catalysed a supply response. We do not expect a collapse in global commodity prices. But we do anticipate substantial declines. 

    Copper was down $6600 in metric ton over five year, while iron ore was down $80 ton and Brent may be $100 in barrel. 

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    Energy Future:

    Today we look the Energy Future are rose high and high. MCX Crude Oil July future was at green colour. It trade at Rs 6259 (0.61%). Natural Gas July future also open at green colour and trade at Rs 239.5 (0.38%). 


    NCDEX Dhaniya open at Rs 11400 and goes to the highest price at Rs 11410, it trade at this time Rs 11400 (0.46%). 

                                         PRECIOUS METAL: 

    MCX Gold august future has open with colour red. Gold getting low above 0.16% trade at Rs 28153. MCX Silver September future also getting low business today. Silver trade at Rs 45484 with negative sign 0.25%.

    About me......

    Friday 18 July 2014


    Recently Mcx gold and silver both commodity traded at same side with different prices and gold going down side with 142 points and silver goes down side with 364.00 points.

    All base metals like, aluminum, copper,lead and zinc traded at down side with negative prices. 

    Mentha oil commodity are traded at upside with positive prices and cotton commodity are traded at down side with negative prices. Mentha oil goes above side with 3.10 points upper side and cotton also going down side with 40.00 points decrement. 

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    RAW material key auto components used in making zinc prices may rise in the coming months. Experts believe that just 3 months, the price of zinc can live between 145-150 per kg. If that happens, small and medium enterprises that make auto parts 4 to 5 per cent of the profit margin is expected to decline.

    Zinc October contract on the London Metal Exchange rose 0.4 percent to $ 2315.75 is reached.

    MCX Zinc July future are batter condition. Zinc rose by 0.07% and trade at Rs 137.35. 

    Copper degrade to 0.13% and trade at Rs 429.15 

    Today rupee are open boneless. Rupee open week at 4 pesa. Today if compare rupee to dollar then the rupee opened at 60.12 per dollar at 60.16 against dollar. RBI Ref rate “1$ = Rs 60.14”

    Thursday 17 July 2014

    Due to sustained selling by stockist dehli sarafa has continue three days degrades to Rs 155 and stand at Rs 28175 per 10 gram. Today MCX silver stand in good condition. From yesterday compression Silver create a great lead. MCX Gold has also grate updating from yesterday. Both Gold and Silver become more powerful today.

    Today MCX Gold august future move above 0.47% trade at Rs 27805. gold highest on today at Rs 27845 and lowest at Rs 27745. MCX Silver September future move above 0.62% trade at Rs 44854. Its highest rate today is Rs 44900 and lowest rate is Rs 44700. MCX crude oil stand up on 0.21% trade at Rs 6102.   

    Wednesday 16 July 2014

    Decline in crude oil prices is positive for the market. Additionally, the monsoon has been better and also good indications of the domestic economy. RBI has given a big relief to the infrastructure sector. Banks are also concessions.

    Today commodity market open at mixed position. Some product are open profitable or some are not profitable. Despite a weaker rupee in the domestic market is gold and silver fade. But MCX Gold is recover and the price is at Rs 27696. 0.17% move above gold and but MCX silver is also idling today and trading at Rs 44764 with 0.20% declined. MCX crude oil is batter position on today. It move above 0.93% and trade at Rs 6053.

    Market regulator SEBI rights ordinance relating to the search and seizure is due to end on July 18. According to sources, SEBI has not taken a decision on the ordinance, the government so far. SEBI Act Amendment Ordinance has been issued for 3 times so far. According to sources in the Cabinet has not been discussed so far SEBI Act Amendment. SEBI's action will loosen the ordinance is over. SEBI now has operations in over 300 cases and Collective Investment Scheme scam of Rs 1,700 crore is being investigated.
    Today Indian commodity market has on good condition. Commodity chart are goes up and up today. Only cuppor and menthaoil are shown low on market. Otherwise all the metals and natural gas get leed today..

    MCX Gold august future move above 0.36% trade at Rs 27863.00. MCX Silver September future move above 0.41% trade at Rs 45097.00. Crude oil July future move above 0.23% trade at 6061.00. Natural Gas  July future dropped by 0.08% trade at Rs 248.80. MCX Zink July future move over 0.44% and trade at Rs 138.40. So today trading on above commodity product are profitable for you.

    MCX Gold seen batter position today. Gold august future has move above 0.26% trading at Rs 27834.00. MCX Silver September future has also create a leed more above 0.18% and trading at Rs 44995.0. Crude oil July future move over 0.45% and trade at Rs 6074.00. And Natural Gas has leed 0.24% trade at Rs 249.60. 

    Gold:     MCX Gold august future trade at Rs 27834 target 28000 stoploss 27560.  

    Silver:   MCX Silver September future trade at Rs 44995 target 45500 stoploss 44400.    

                                                                                          More Information click this

    Monday 14 July 2014

    Decreasing supply and rising export prices. Jeera prices in the move above market rose by 1%. Support week global stock of Jeera. Delay in sowing in Rabi crop faster then expected. Kharif crop in Gujrat suffered from scnty rainfall. In Unjha Jeera prices move by Rs 100. zara 11500-11600 per quintal at Unjha. 7,000 arrivals in Unjha Mandi bags (one bag =55 kg) occurred. 

    Decline in gold prices in the domestic market. Yesterday, gold had gained close to 800 bucks. Of course Portugal after the bank crisis on the economic health of Europe are again growing concerns in the international market price of gold has jumped. The domestic prices have double support. But today is a strain in silver with gold in the domestic market. Dropped by 0.96% on MCX gold is trading around Rs 28,084 and dropped With -1.33%, while MCX silver is trading at Rs 45456. 

    Sunday 13 July 2014

    Budget declared on Thursday 10/7/2014. Through this Budget some Indians are upset and some are happy. But in this Budget lots of opportunity for domestic business. We have notice that the cost of domestic product decrease. Its good signal for lower society. 

    But another one change in Budget that is its surprise for Real Estate. For anyone in this budget are most happy to announce that it is one of the real estate sector.The budget for affordable housing will be Rs 4,000 crore through NHB. Rural Housing will be Rs 8,000 crore through the NHB. Can be expected in the budget came after these Elanon in the real estate sector is now seeing a new passion.

    Saturday 12 July 2014

    MCX base metals has seen mix business. Cuppor august future dropped by 0.13% and trade at Rs. 437.00 and Lead July future has dropped on 0.19% trade at Rs. 131.40. Nickel July future moved above 0.39% trade at 1162.60 and Aluminium move above 0.26% trade at 115.20. 


    Domestic commodity market MCX Gold 
    and Silver are trading with losses.MCX 
    Gold august future dropped 0.14% trade
    at Rs. 28455.00 and MCX Silver dropped 
    by 0.11% trade at Rs. 46190.0.

    Friday 11 July 2014

    Today MCX Crude Oil July Future has moved down to 0.40% trade at Rs. 6155.00. MCX Natural gas July Future get lead up to 0.12% trade at 249.00.

    MCX Gold August Future move down up to 0.65% and trade at Rs. 28310.00. MCX Silver September Future also gain loss up to 0.37% trade at Rs. 46072.00.

    Thursday 10 July 2014

    International commodity markets are exposed out the mix signal. Today Gold and Silver has gone high. MCX Gold future gain +0.28% traded at Rs 27689/- and MCX Silver future has on Rs. 45065/- get lead at +0.62% . 
    Croud Oil has fell today to -0.29% and trade at Rs. 6098/-. 



    Tuesday 8 July 2014

    Hello Friends,

    welcome to commodity market. And welcome to from Commodity On-line Trading Tips. I want to given a information about commodity market through daily blog on Commodity On-line Trading Tips. I want to give tips on commodity market like MCX gold , MCX silver,
    crude oil , aluminum and all those product who belong this commodity category.
    So , I hope you read my blog and give me suggestion for any mistake to correct them.