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  • Wednesday 24 December 2014


    SBI may further be good value, and its asset quality is also good. Target of Rs 360 in stock in one year can be easily achieved.
    Ashok Leyland

    Commercial vehicle segment is the revival and further reduces the interest rates can benefit the auto companies. Ashok Leyland's share in 1 year can touch Rs 60 levels.
    Allcargo Global Logistics

    Revival of economy in fiscal year 2015-2016 will be good enough. E-commerce companies, logistics companies is going to help grow the business. These companies will benefit from GST T. 1 year Allcargo Global Logistics can target of Rs 390-400 a share.

    Tuesday 23 December 2014

    Tomorrow is the expiry date of December Future. Pinnacle Financial made a broker pole on the expiry of the December Future. Pinnacle pole, 25% broker says December future expiry will be in between 8350 - 8400. 
    According to Pinnacle pole, 16% people think, the December future expiry will be in between 8250 - 8300. While, the 20% people think, December future will be in between 8300 - 8350. 25% broker confident that the December future will be in between 8400 - 8450.  let see..........

    Thursday 18 December 2014

    Buy Tata Motors above 483, Target T1- 483.60, T2 – 491.5, T3 – 493.1 and Stop loss 464.7 .
    Buy Hero Moto above 3030, Target T1 - 3103.01, T2 – 3144.13, T3 – 3178.26 and Stop loss 295.51 .
    Buy Titan above 365.01, Target T1- 375.51 and Stop loss 354.51 .

    Buy SBI above 306, Target T1- 308.21, T2 – 314.38, T3 – 316.11 and Stop loss 292.41 .
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    Wednesday 17 December 2014

    Crude Oil has continue falling down in international market. Nymex Crude price below from $55. Brent Crude is also sell dominates and below from $60. On MCX Crude Oil December future closed on tomorrow 18/12/2014. Today Crude Oil down with 78.00 points and trade at Rs 3495.
    MCX Gold February future also down but slowly with comes on at Rs 27189. Other side Silver March future get fastest improve and take lead up to 0.32% and trade at Rs 36862. December futures Natural gas is 0.09 per cent to Rs 234.40 with osteoporosis.

     MCX is trading mixed in the base metals. Zinc is trading flat at 0.22 per cent and nickel showing December futures. February futures marginally by 0.07 per cent copper weakness. Page 08 of 0 per cent and 0.16 per cent lead in the aluminum business is going to fall.

    Tuesday 16 December 2014

    On the inflation front is good news for the consumer. The government cut in petrol and diesel price by Rs 2 per liter. The new rate applied midnight at tomorrow. Continued declined Crude Oil price, then government decided the give benefit to the people. Although the rupee has week, but no benefit provided to people from falling Crude oil.
    On that month this is the second cut in price. On the starting of this month government decrease 91 pese in from petrol and 84 pese in from diesel. Since August the 8th cut in petrol price, while diesel price have been reduced for the 4th time. Overall from August the petrol price cut up to 12 rupee 27 pese, while diesel price cut up to 8 rupee 46 pese.

    About Share Market - Stock Updates

    Monday 15 December 2014

    Religare Commodities estimates that today soybean are signs of strength after no activity. On Friday #NCDEX closing price is Rs 3317. According to Religare, today it would be find support at 3288 and 3264. The above side for it Rs 3340 and again Rs 3360 is the constraint.
    About Mustard Raligare said today after the firm without any signs of movement. On Friday NCDEX closing price of Rs 4046.

    Cumin (Jeera) Religare said today about the weakness is likely without a stir. NCDEX was at the closing price Rs 13260 on Friday. According to Religare today on 13120 and after that on Rs 13000 to be expected to support. While the first of up to at Rs 13 380 and Rs 13 520 in the barrier.

    Friday 12 December 2014

    #Crude Oil  has slipped just down after 5 year.  When NYMEX decide the increment in supply, then Crude Oil price down up to $60. On MCX, Crude Oil trade in down side with -96% and trading at Rs 3720. Natural Gas moving above side with 2 points and trade at Rs 230.30. 
    Gold also under the pressure and goes down side on MCX. It down below with -115 points and trade at Rs 27143. Here Silver also break and goes down with points -172 and trade at Rs 38550. 

    Trading Tips : 

    MCX Natural Gas : Buy December futures - 227, Target - 236 and stop loss – 223

    MCX Copper : Buy Feb futures - 407, targets – 411 and stop loss - 407 

    Thursday 11 December 2014

    Sensex is moving down word and trading in low side. At this time Sensex trade in 216.75 points down side and trading at Rs 27615.36. Nifty also geting slow in market. Its down up to 58.75 points and trading at Rs 8296.40.

    Trading Tips :
    Idea Cellular : Sell below 142, target 137 and stop loss 144
    Bjaja India  : Buy Bjaja India above 21, target 25 and stop loss 20.75
    ICICI Bank  : Sell ICICI Bank below 352, target 344 and stop loss 356

    Saturday 6 December 2014

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    Friday 5 December 2014

    According to pinnacle financial adviser, against the giants shares , mid cap share has in fastly. And if investors think they invest for 2 year, then we think they buy Banking shares. From week price of Crude Oil Rode, Consumer and Cement sector should provide environment for investing. In infra 
    sector take position in some selected shares.    

    Trading calls -: 

    Sun Pharma : Sell below - 839.4,  target - 820 and stop loss - 855

    Cell : Sell below - 85.25, target - 82.5 and  stop loss - 87 

    Radico Khaitan: Buy above - 91.35,  target - 96 and  stop loss - 89.50

    Bhushan Steel: Buy above - 100.3,  Target - 105 and  stop loss - 99 

    Thursday 4 December 2014

    In the morning the market is looking strong. Sensex and Nifty are based upon both good start. ONGC to invest Rs 440 per share advice decided to maintain the target. According to hi, the fair value of Rs 460 crore could be ONGC. Greaves has maintained high conviction out kramptn perform rating and has set a target of Rs 236 per shares. According to macquarie Crompton Greaves, the cheapest stock in the capital goods sector.
    Page industries started coverage with overweight rating, target has been fixed at Rs 10954.13% of them are expected to page industries.  

    Monday 1 December 2014

    चाँदी लगातार गिरते जा रही है. इसमे सोने से ज़्यादा गिरावट दिख रही है. #MCX पर चाँदी का भाव करीब 1500 रुपये तक गिर गया है. फिलहाल #MCX पर चाँदी भारी गिरावट के साथ 34139 रुपये पर कारोबार कर रही है.
    बेस मटेल्स मे भी गिरावट बढ़ गई है. कॉपर भी लगातार गिरता जा रहा है और इसकी वजह इसमे माँग की कमी बताई जा रही है. #MCX पर कॉपर 2% टूटकर 390 रुपये के स्तर पर आ गया है. चीन मे भी आज कॉपर के भाव मे 5% की गिरावट आई है.
    कच्चे तेल मे गिरावट के साथ खाने के तेल मे भी गिरावट आई है. पाम तेल 2% तक गिर गया है. सोया तेल मे भी बिकवाली हावी हो गई है. पिछले एक महीने मे 10% क़ि गिरावट आ चुकी है. #NCDEX पर सोया तेल 1% गिरकर 570 रुपये पर कारोबार कर रहा है.