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  • Tuesday 30 September 2014

    On MCX silver has just open at low side. In Domestic Market Gold does flat business. Crude Oil also start with light edge. In Aggri  future market  refine soya oil and Jira open at red mark. On NCDEX caster chana, guar, mustard and soyabeen are trading with growth business. And Base Mattel are start with + green mark. 

    On MCX Gold are trading with low price and goes down with -10 points, and trading at Rs 26903. It goes high today upto 26921 and low upto 26894. 

    Silver also in down side and trade at Rs 39283 with -71 points.  Crude oil trade at Rs 5856 with  6 points and move above side.

    Today trading tips 

    Gold :  Buy MCX above Rs 26900 Target T1 - 27000 T2- 27100 T3 - 27200 and stop loss 26750

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    Monday 29 September 2014

    Today on chart only Gold are in positive zone means only gold are trade with green color, but all the MCX  are trade with red color and in negative zone. 

    Indian market are open at high points and Base metals are goes down side. But gold are move above. Silver down, Base are down, Crude oil are also down.

    On MCX future trading, Gold are trade at Rs 26820 with +27.00 points. Silver at Rs 39088 with -81 points. Crude oil at Rs 5746.00 with -29.00 points. Natural gas 248.10 with +0.10 points. Copper at Rs 414.85 with -1.45 points. 

    Trading Calls 

    Gold : Sell MCX Rs 26850 Target T – 27100, T2 – 27150 T3 – 27300 Stop loss Rs 26500

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    Friday 26 September 2014

    • On Thursday, the first day of Navratri was seen shopping at the gold-silver.

    • On Thursday, after touching a low of Rs 26 380 to Rs 300 a lot better than gold closed above Rs 27,000 with recovery.

    • On the other hand, silver gained 20 cents to close at $ 17.60 per ounce is trading .

    • The number of unemployed in America grow and tensions in the Middle East has increased investment demand for gold and silver.

    • The effect of precipitation encountered in foreign markets may look at the prices in the domestic market.

    • Gold prices in the domestic futures market traded with 0.34%.

    • Rs 27030 per 10 grams on MCX gold price levels.

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    Thursday 25 September 2014

    Gold prices have fallen. On COMEX  gold prices have touched down  of 1208  dollar and trading around 1210 dollar. It dose impact on domestic market. In 4 years the index of dollar has roses, and gold are pressurized. HSBC says, gold has slipped to the 1200 dollar. 

    The same here , Silver  has declined more then by Gold. MCX Silver are slipped by 0.42% and trade at Rs 39101.00. 

    In domestic market, currently MCX Gold October future declined by 0.07% and trading around Rs 26531. Gold December future trade at Rs 26693 with declined by 0.12%. 

    pinnacle financial trading tips : 

    Gold MCX (October futures)

    Sell - 26580, stop loss - 26 710 and the target - 26400/26350

    MCX silver (December futures) 

    Sell - 39200/39250, stop loss - 39 650 and the target – 38710/38600

    Wednesday 24 September 2014

    commodity updates

    Gold are getting improved because dollar are week. On Comex the price are beyond the $ 1220. the Crude oil has seen strong and Brent crude are trading around $ 97.

    In last few days Gold and Silver are strongly declined. After a long time Silver are intact this type. Where the price of Silver are down this meaner. With a robust declined in Gold prices, has seen the effect of the silver. Thereby the demand are decreased and investors are turned on equity market. Form 2010 to build a consistent industrial demand for silver has declined.

    Pinnacle financial services trading tips :

    Gold: Sell MCX 26700, targets 26650, stop loss 26770

    Tuesday 23 September 2014

    After Gold, Silver are also down in market. Silver are continuously goes down to down. It goes to 4 year lowest prices. Our experts says Silver are fall up to Rs 37000  and Gold are fall up to Rs 25000 Diwali festival. International market Silver are flat up to 17.30 $. Above this investors are move to equity market ,thereby decreasing demand.  

    Pinnacle financial experts think Silver are fall up to Rs 38000 in this week. The whole world is seeing buoyant equity markets. Domestic shares have risen 32 per cent in the past year. Stock market experts believe that the market continues to boom  further. Get better returns than the stock market because investors to invest in bullion instead have turned to the equity market. Thereby decreasing demand for gold and silver.

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    pinnacle indore

    Monday 22 September 2014

    In 2014-15,South West monsoon is highly erratic, delayed onset and initially progress was quite slow and June end with 43% deficient.The Deficient rains in Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Marathwada(Maharashtra), Telangana, Coastal Andhra Pradesh , East Madya Pradesh coupled with the incidence of flash floods in J&K, Assam, Bihar, Eastern UP and Odisha also resulting lower pulses output in kharif season. The higher production target of chana for the current year’s rabi season set to 9.3 million tonne from 8.66 MMT targeted in last year on record 9.88 MMT chana output in the previous year. 

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    Friday 19 September 2014

    Today Gold was clearly down side and this is done after a 8 months. On MCX Gold was steeped at Rs 26597 with -62.00 points. Yesterday it closed at Rs 26659 and today open at Rs 26634. But according to me there is no chance to growing up Gold today.

    On MCX Silver was also going down side, and silver is trading at Rs 40886 with -48 points in downward direction.

    Nymax crude oil continued to decline by 0.1 percent and it seems to be around 92 dollars a barrel. While the $ 97.7 a barrel and Brent crude is trading flat.

    Gold trading calls 

     Sell Gold future at Rs 26600

    Tagget T1 – 26445, T2 – 26290, T3 – 26135 
    Stop loss 26800

    Wednesday 17 September 2014


    • सोयाबीन में कल की शानदार तेजी के बाद आज दबाव दिख रहा है।
    • फिलहाल सोयाबीन 1.13 फीसदी की गिरावट के साथ 3276 रुपए पर है।
    • अंतरराष्ट्रीय बाजार में दबाव की वजह से घरेलू बाजारों में भी सोयाबीन में गिरावट है।
    • बारिश में सुधार की वजह से सोयाबीन का उत्पादन पहले से ज्यादा होने का अनुमान है।
    • सोया मील के एक्सपोर्ट में भी भारी गिरावट दर्ज की गई है।
    • जिसकी वजह से भी सोयाबीन दबाव में है।

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    Monday 15 September 2014

    Gold and Silver are trading at safe zone. Both are looking positive side. On MCX Gold are trade at Rs 27001 with 104 points (0.39%) in above side. Its last clossing are very low price at Rs 26898. But open at some changes and high to its clossing at Rs 26937. MCX Silver trading same as Gold in above side with 184 points (0.45%) nad trade at Rs 41490.

    Crude Oil are down in market today. Its trade at Rs 5587 with -84 big points diffrents. But Natural gas are looking good condotion. Its gets lead to 1.4 points and trade at Rs 237.

    On NCDEX Dhaniya are in great position and move above side with 50 points and trade at Rs 11203. SYBEANIDR trade at Rs 3216 with 39 points in positive side. Costerseed are also get lead and a trade at Rs 4043 with +73 points (+1.84%).

    Thursday 11 September 2014

    Intraday Tips

    Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan has said that "currently has no plans to raise duty. Import duty on edible oils acting now will not." Hala hi mem kendra sarakara ne khadya utpada ayatakom ko khadya telom ka ayata ghaṭane ke li'e noṭisa jari kiya tha aura aisa nahim hone para ḍyuṭi baṛhane ke sanketa di'e the. Khadya tela desa me tisari sabase jyada ayata hone vali commodity hai. Viseṣajnom ke mukabika sarakara ke isa kamada se khadya telom ki kimatom para dabava jari raha sakata hai.

    2013-14(Octomber - September) markeṭiṅga iyara me 1.15 Karoṛa khadya telom ka ayata hone ka anumana hai. Jisamem akele pama oyala ka ayata 80 lakha ṭana raha sakata hai. Vahim ssoya oyala 10 lakha ṭana desa me ayata hone ki sambhavna hai. Globala stara para kimatem kama hone se ayata barha raha hai.

    July me desa ka vyapara ghaṭa ek sala ke unnca'i 122.3 Lakha ḍolara para pahunnca gaya hai mukhya rusa se ayata me 4.3 % ki baṛhotari hu'i hai. July me ayata baṛhakara 399.6 Lakha ḍolara ho gaya hai

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    Wednesday 10 September 2014

    Commodity are looking good condition. MCX Gold become in a great trading side. On  Comex it will be trade at Rs $1255 with 0.58% fast. In Indian market Gold got lead at 109 points and trade at Rs 27372 (0.41%) in above side. It closed at last night Rs 27261 and open at Rs 27334. Today gold are trading side.

    MCX Silver are also trading side, silver are trading at Rs 42161 with 210 above. It open at Rs 42090 and closed at 41951. 

    MCX Calls - 

    Gold – Buy MCX above 27370 target T1- 27470, T2- 27570 stop loss 27270.
    Silver – Buy MCX above 42161 target T1- 42370, T2- 42580 with Stop loss 41860. 

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    Tuesday 9 September 2014


    Good morning friends, 

    Today's market looks in the mood of lethargy. International markets witnessed effect on the market is weak signals.  But  "Pinnacle Financial" analyst says “by March 2015 Sensex target at 30000 and Nifty is at 9000-9500.”  According to it Tire shares are good trading side. Valuation of Gov. Bank are cheap. Also featured is a chance to purchase private banks.

    The BSE  Sensex index fell 84 points, ie, 0.31%  is trading at a level of 27235. The NSE Nifty index shed 0.36%, with 28 points, ie is trading at 8145.15. But Power, Auto, Pharma and FMCG stocks are seeing light shopping. 

    0.04 percent on MCX Gold October futures is trading at Rs 27192 with light speed. September futures with a gain of 0.07 percent while silver remains at Rs 41834. With 0.7 per cent growth in crude oil is trading at Rs 5627. 

    Crude Oil calls - 

    MCX crude oil: Buy September futures at Rs 5560  target Rs 5640 stoploss Rs 5530 

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    Monday 8 September 2014

    Pinnacle Financial Services                 pinnacle financial services

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    After a long time MCX Gold and Silver are come in the trading side.  Both are looking great and positive side. But this time Crude Oil reports are disappointed. Gold are move toword with 83 points in above side and trade at Rs 27455. Silver are also move away from the last closing with 277 positive point and trade at Rs 42293. 

    Crude Oil are closed on Friday at Rs 5642 and open at today Rs 5640. Crude are turn in positive side in few time ago and trading at Rs 5652 with 9 points above side. But it trade with red color.

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    Thursday 4 September 2014


    Yesterday MCX Gold and silver are very low, but today we see COMEX price on gold and silver are fast. On COMEX Gold price are plus 0.18% and trading with $1272, and silver trade at $ 19.26 with above side with 0.37%. 

    But Indian market are still goes down side. MCX Gold are trade at Rs 27557 with – 13 points and Silver are -37 points trade at Rs 42245. 

    Aluminium are in positive zone and it trade at Rs 125.65 with 0.45 points above side. Crude Oil are done with -17 points and trade at Rs 5750.

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    Wednesday 3 September 2014

    This news are reefer from cnbcawaz. Because i think its impotent for all traders and investors.

    Indian newest stock exchange MCX-SX are the economy is getting worse. In MCX -SX currency trading are down to market and market share are down up to 70%.
    When MCX-SX are started, then its market share are 40% and at this time it stay at 14%. Indeed BSE are decrease its trading charge and this affected to MCX-SX. MCX are charge 100 Rs and BSE are charge 2 Rs.

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    Tuesday 2 September 2014


    Today Dollar has strong then Gold just down in market. On Comex Silver also run slow. Yesterday commodity market also down side. But today some commodity are in positive side. And Gold also get below side.

    ON MCX Gold trade at Rs 27870 with low side at -66 points. Its last closing at Rs 27934 and today open at Rs 27883. Silver moves to above side and trade at Rs 42930 and get lead at 106 points above side. On NYMEX Crude Oil is trading under $96 with down side at 0.2%. And on MCX Crude Oil has trade at Rs 5826 with 6 points above side. Natural gas down in market at -2.3 points and trade at Rs 245.4.

    MCX Commodity calls :

    Gold : Sell MCX (October futures) at Rs 28055, Target-                         27700 and stop loss Rs 28299. 

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    Monday 1 September 2014

    Gold and Silver are pressured on today. International market are just down then that affect, Indian market also goes down. Commodities are also down to last  week and this week we also seen it. 

    On MCX Gold crashed down to -69 points and trade at Rs 27930. And Silver gets down to -61 points and trade at Rs 42194. 

    Other side on NCDEX, it start future trading on 29 mm cotton. From the day NCDEX start Cotton October, November, December and January futures trading has begun.

    Commodity calls : 

    Silver : Buy Silver September future at Rs 42850, Target 43500 and Stop loss Rs 42500. 

    Copper : Sell Copper November future at Rs 431, Target 424 and Stop loss Rs 434. 

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