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  • Saturday 29 November 2014

    Government stop the upsets in Gold, has removed the restriction on #gold import. government have taken the decision to close the 80/20 scheme. now, these restriction has waiting only of RBI notification.

    Friday 28 November 2014

    OPEC have not decide the Crude Oil production loss. The price of crude oil coming down fast in International market, for this reason. #Brent and #Nymex crude about 7% and is come on 4 to 4.5  year lower level. Yesterday Crude Oil nearly fell 6% and closed at Rs 4300. In the International market, #Gold – #Silver and Base metals also getting down. On London Metal Exchange, Copper has come at 8 month lower level.

    About 0.5% in domestic market MCX Gold is trading below Rs 26135. about 1% declined in Silver and it is trading below Rs 35560. Although, Crude Oil has slipping 0.19% and it is trading below Rs 4285. The #Natural gas has gained almost 1% and it is near about Rs 265. 

    Trading Tips -

    #Gold -  Sell MCX future below 26250, target 25980 and stop loss 26380

    #Crude Oil – Sell MCX future below 4365, target 4420 and stop loss 4230

    Thursday 27 November 2014

    Market looks very slack today. #Sensex and #Nifty both are running flat and looking lazy. Although, the mid-cap and small-cap shares are seeing in trading side. Capital Goods, FMCG and realty stocks beat the pressure on the market. but IT, pharma, Oil - gas and power, is give chance to you for good trading .

    Currently, BSE Index looks in down and goes inside the market watch list. #Sensex trade at 28364.85 with 22.71 points down side. NSE also looking lower side. #Nifty goes down side with 5.15 points and trade at 8470.85. 

    Wednesday 26 November 2014

    In the international market Crude Oil has declined in very deep. On #NYMEX crude $74 and Brent $79 and also could touch down. Crude Oil is trading below from last 4 year. In domestic market, on MCX Crude has weak and With 0.7% this seems close to Rs 4600. Although, in natural gas is looking 1% edge and is trading around Rs 275.

    in #gold and #silver is trading from the last day level. In domestic market Gold is trading around Rs 26395 with 0.25% increasing and silver is trading around Rs 36580 with 0.2% increasing. in Base metal #Aluminium and #Copper is looking edge on MCX. Aluminium is trading near to Rs 130 with light edge.

    #Trading tips -

    #Silver : Buy MCX future above Rs 36300, target Rs 36150 and stop loss 36750

    #Natural gas : Buy MCX future above Rs 267, target Rs 264 and stop loss 275

    Monday 24 November 2014

    we see today #Nifty got the highest position in NSE Index. Its done with the help of fastest growing market of  Asia and SGX Nifty also get notify to us, that is the domestic market opens to very high points. BSE Midcap and Smallcap both shares are trading with great speed.  On BSE index #Sensex moves in above side with 84.59 points and trade at Rs 28428.25. On NSE index Nifty goes high with 24.28 points and trade at Rs 8502.75. 
    from the last week, China is stepping up activity in the commodity market. Although, after some short groth Gold comes in under pressure. But this time gold also stand nere to $ 1200. Other side Crude oil also in good condition. Brent crude stay above from $ 80. In other hand, rupee against  the dollar is looking strong. 
    On MCX index, #Gold trade at Rs 26506.00 with 115 points in above side. #Crude oil move above side with 73 points and trade at Rs 4770.

    trading tips -

    Crude Oil - Buy MCX above 4700, Target 4780 and stop loss 4630

    Saturday 22 November 2014

    It can be seen clearly that the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama, both of the chemistry is getting deeper friendshipBecause of Obama's special guest at the Republic Day will be this time. Modi ji has invited him for this special day and they have accepted it. Will do this for the first time a US president to increase the beauty of the Republic Day celebrations

    In the 6 months will be the fourth meeting of the two heads of state. This information is given Prime Minister Narendra Modi on twitter.

    Friday 21 November 2014

    This morning in the #Nifty and #Sensex is seeing tremendous. Nifty and Sensex today looking over the 8475 and 28250 is visible. Consumer Dyurebls, banking, realty and auto stocks to buy in the market is getting a lots of support. IT stocks dominate in the short sale. But the legendary shares with in the mid-cap and small-cap stocks, trends of the best shopping.

    Bank's Trading tips -

    Kotak Mahindra Bank : Buy KMB above 1190.50, target 1250.75   and stop loss 1175.50

    Karnataka Bank : Buy KB above 138, target 145 and stop loss 135

    South Indian Bank : Buy SIB at 26.75, target 28.75 and stop loss 26.10

    More news about #KotekMahindraBank, click here 

    Thursday 20 November 2014

    stock tips

    In the International market #Gold and #Crude Oil again declined today. On comex Gold price will be decrease $1180 but still it again seeing in recovery zone. On Nymex today Crude  also in declining mode and goes in down side up to $75. 

    #MCX #Gold still decreasing and trade at Rs 26397 with 314 points down side. #Silver goes in under pressure and down with 701 points, trade at Rs 35660.00. 

    Yesterday #Gold and #Silver will be closed at good points but today they both in down side. MCX Gold  closed Yesterday at 26711 and Silver closed at 33372. But today in morning call Silver moves in away from its last closing points but still it goes down. 

    #Gold : Sell MCX below 26550, target 26390 and stop loss 26680

    #Silver : Sell MCX below 36300, target 35900 and stop loss 36400

    Wednesday 19 November 2014

    1) After many ups and downs in the Indian stock market finally           closed down.

    2) Third consecutive day today sensex 26250 and Nifty has                 managed to over 8450.

    3) Then finally #Nifty closed below 8400. 

    4) After trading in the last 28 033 per #sensex 130 points, or 0.46%,     to close at. 

    5) Nifty closed at 8382, down 44 points 0.52% also.

    Tuesday 18 November 2014

    On #MCX #Gold and #Silver both are continuously recovered and back to its previous position. #MCX #Gold stand on Rs 26666.00 with 336.00 points in positive side. #Silver move above with 651 points and trade at Rs 36280.00. 

    trading tips on MCX today :

    #Gold : Buy MCX November future above 26550, Target 26750 and Stop Loss 26450

    #Silver : Buy MCX December future above 36350, Target 36650 and Stop Loss 36050  

    #Crude Oil : Sell MCX November future below  4670, Targets 4600 and Stop Loss 4710  

    for more information about share and stock market 

    Monday 17 November 2014

    The Asian market continues to decline, the effect of crude oil in the Indian markets is also being witnessed today is the market opened in the fall. Crude oil is still in the shop was returned. Brant crude rose nearly $ 2 to $ 79 was raced across But still doing business with declining crude oil. 

    On the other hand, due to the strong dollar business across the green is gold. The MCX gold is trading at Rs 26 406, down 60 points. But we have to keep the trend of trading in silver. Silver is currently trading at Rs 36 095 with 36 points is the precipitation. Crude oil is trading with a fall of 4 points and stands at Rs 4658. Trading Tips On MCX - Gold – Buy MCX Gold above 26400, target Rs 26800 and stop loss Rs 26200. Crude Oil – Buy Crude Oil above 4650, target Rs 4755 and stop loss 4600.

    Friday 14 November 2014

    Looked a little sluggish in morning trading. After a slowdown in both the Sensex and Nifty are seeing faster. In the small-cap and mid-cap is also seeing good buy. At the same metal, realty, oil and gas stocks are also looking at buying.

    The Sensex rose up 16.50 points from its initial level is trading at 27 957. Rising 5.45 points to 8363.30 Nifty is trading.

    Trading tips :

    UCO Bank : Sell UCO Bank below – 86, target - 80 and stop loss                         – 87.

    Reliance Infra : Buy Reliance Infrastructure above – 620, target -                             643 and stop loss – 615.

    Thursday 13 November 2014

    Had the edge in the market in early trading today. But in the market once again lead the business started throwing red. Sensex and Nifty is showing the effect of the fall on both. Mid-cap and Small-cap is looking just a little bit of shopping. But this fall, has been verified by our experts. In his opinion Realty, oil & gas and metal stocks beat the market is in a period of decline. Sensex and Nifty is at present, both the red mark. Sensex is at 28 005, with a decline of 3 points and Nifty is at 8370 with a loss of 7.15 points. Continues to decline in both.

    The first to go beyond Nifty 8400 in early trade had ceased to notice struggles. The Nifty was at 8399 with a gain of 0.19%. Sensex was at 28 089 with a gain of 0.3%.

    Wednesday 12 November 2014

    1. Current Bhopal Petrol Price = 68.57 Rs/Ltr.
    2. Current Ahmadabad Petrol Price = 67.75 Rs/Ltr.
    3. Current Delhi Petrol Price = 64.24 Rs/Ltr.
    4. Current Chennai Petrol Price = 67.01 Rs/Ltr.
    5. Current Hyderabad Petrol Price = 70.19 Rs/Ltr.
    6. Current Kolkata Petrol Price = 71.68 Rs/Ltr.
    7. Current Mumbai Petrol Price = 71.91 Rs/Ltr.
    8. Current Pune Petrol Price = 72.86 Rs/Ltr.
    9. Current Srinagar Petrol Price = 70.23 Rs/Ltr.
    10. Current Lucknow Petrol Price = 71.43 Rs/Ltr.
    11. Current Port Blair Petrol Price = 57.27 Rs/Ltr.
    12. Current Panjim Petrol Price = 55.04 Rs/Ltr. 

    Sensex hits record levels today, is visible again. Today, businesses are starting to their record level 28,000 was surpassed. Sensex gains at the moment still continues. Sensex moving further towards with 163.84 points at 28073.84.

    Nifty has also included in today's round edge. Nifty is currently at 8401.80 with 39 points at the moment and is growing.

    Trading tips :

    Bank of India : Buy BOI 293.70, target 305 and stop loss 286

    Jain Irrigation : Buy Jain Irrigation at 87.50, target 95 and stop loss 83.25

    Tuesday 11 November 2014

    Today, we can advised to you for Intraday Trading in Bank of Baroda, Volta's, PTC India, for shopping.

    Our experts think, you can buy the share of Bank of Baroda at Rs. 982 to 984. set target at Rs. 998 to 1006 and stop loss set at 974.80.

    Volta's purchased  from Rs. 259.50 to 260.50  and target Rs. 265 to 267.50 or it can keep up. But it means much less stop loss placed at Rs. 257.50.

    Shares of PTC India buy at Rs. 97.20 or up from it. We can set target Rs. 96.20 to 97.20 and stop loss at Rs. 93.20. 

    Sensex moves on above side and get the 24.62 points in positive side. Nifty also move above side with 8.80 points in positive side. 

    Trading tips : 

    Dr. Reddy's :  Buy Dr. Reddy's above Rs. 3430, target Rs. 3490 and stop loss Rs. 3410. 

    Tata Chemicals : Buy Tata Chemicals at Rs 423, target Rs 432 and stop loss Rs. 415.

    Monday 10 November 2014

    Today In Commodity Market is back again lively. With gold and silver on MCX edge in today's market open. Prices of silver is trading with a gain of 1 per cent. Crude oil in the domestic market also began trading today on the green. Except in the MCX Aluminium, all metals is trading with a gain of 0.50 per cent. NCDEX soybean and turmeric is trading in the red. Price of gold in the International Market in precipitation is returned. According to our market analyst, has sharp short covering gold prices. The Comex per ounce gold price in 1172 is 0.20 per cent.

    Commodity calls for today :

    Natural Gas (November futures): Buy - 275, stop loss - 268 and Target - 287

    Copper (November futures): Buy - 412.5, stop loss - 407.8 and the targets - 419

    Refined Soya oil (December futures): Sell - 582, stop loss - 576 and Goals - 591

    more info - stock tips indore

    Saturday 8 November 2014

    MCX Tips

    Corporate India's hopes could. Because he was lifting interest rates. But that's why interest rates can not be removed because inflation is still causing trouble for the Reserve Bank. Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank believes that the decline in retail inflation would not just assume it permanent.

    Friday 7 November 2014

    Crude oil prices in International market is constantly decreasing. There was a slight bounce back on Thursday in the market sell-off in crude is dominating. Meanwhile, Brent crude has come down to $ 83. India will benefit greatly from the decline in crude. Falling price of crude will lower inflation, current account deficit will decline, reduce import bill will reduce the subsidy burden of the government. In addition to coal and gas prices fall and fertilizer companies also will benefit too.

    Also continues a steady decline in Gold and Silver. Both MCX Commodity Index are traded has declined. Where gold is trading around 25 200 dropped 243 points. The same is around 33 800 Silver also dropped 466 points.

    Wednesday 5 November 2014

    आज सेंसेक्स एक बार फिर ख़तरनाक तरीके से उछल गया है। शुरूवात मे ही सेंसेक्स 27971.8 के नये रेकार्ड स्तर पहुच गया है। अचानक से ये क्या हो गया की सेंसेक्स और निफ्टी दोनो ही बहुत उछल रहे हे। एसा लग रहा हे मानो इंडियन बाजार इस बार अपने निवेशकों को बहुत कुछ दे जाएगा और इंटरनॅशनल मार्केट मे अपनी र्क नई पहचान बनाएगा।

    आज के कारोबार के लिए ट्रेडिंग टिप्स -

    आज रैनबैक्सी खरीदे 3-4 दिन के लिए, लक्ष्य रखे 674 रुपये और स्टॉपलॉस रखे 630 रुपये।

    सन फार्मा खरीदे 3-4 दिन के लिए, लक्ष्य रखे 910 रुपये और स्टॉपलॉस रखे 835 रुपये।

    मारुति सुजुकी खरीदे 2 दिन के लिए, लक्ष्य रखे 3345 रुपये और स्टॉपलॉस रखे 3250 रुपये।

    अपोलो टायर्स खरीदे 2 - 3 दिन के लिए, लक्ष्य रखे 248 रुपये और स्टॉपलॉस रखे 222 रुपये।

    Tuesday 4 November 2014

    The marketing adviser of pinnacle financial Mr. Mahesh Kumar say's, strong global market and strong FII flow, this time they two factor work for Indian market. When the time they both factor are negative, then in Indian market are not come in correction. Market was going to more and more above side. 

    Market are still not look over-bot.  In November market looks more above at 150 to 200 points. We think  the buying strategy in Nifty in below side trading. 8300 level hold the Nifty. The target we provide you for Nifty trading is 8360 points and 8322 points is the stop loss. 

    Tata Motors – Buy , target 418 and stop loss 400

    ONGC – Buy, target 543 and stop loss 520 

    Monday 3 November 2014

    MCX Tips

    Dollar is strong in International commodity market, then Gold become fall and come in very low price. Gold price down up to 3%. On Comex Gold price fall up to 3.10% and arrived at the $ 1,168 per ounce. Silver also arrived at $ 15.97 with slow falling. 

    ON Nymex after a slight decline at 80.40 dollars a barrel on Crude Oil and Crude Brant with mild weakness remains at 85.82 dollars a barrel.

    get more information - stock tips Indore

    Saturday 1 November 2014

    On Friday 12 pm, the price of diesel and petrol decreased and this cut off is so high. Government oil company announce that it reduced Rs 2.41 in petrol and 2.25 rupee in diesel. But this decremented is because of low pricing in Crude oil and strong rupee from dolor.

    On 19th October government was deregulate the diesel and price of diesel may decreased up to 3.37 rupee. After that government again reduce 2.25 rupee P/L price of diesel. In this 12 day's diesel price reduce up to 5.62 rupee P/L. Transport company should be reduced there price, it not specify.