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  • Friday 31 October 2014

    Signals indicating the Petrol and Diesel prices again low. 2.5 rupee price are down of Oil, this news comes from our source. The prices are down its only for, election comes in Jharkhand and Kashmir. Government going to give this gift to people.

    When we see on August, the price of petrol down 6 times in this month. And anther side government cut the subsidy then diesel price low first time. It just because of , price of Crude Oil decrees in international market. This time, after deduction the price of petrol will be come on lowest level of last 16 month and diesel prices will be equal to last year level.

    The Gold prices also get down in International market. That's why on MCX Gold comes under pressure and get lowest points of this week. Gold come in negative zone up to -106 points and trade at Rs 26497. Silver also get down and trade down side from 0.27% to $ 6.37 per ounce.

    Thursday 30 October 2014

    In International market Gold where comes near to 1210 $, then In Indian market Gold slip up to Rs 27000. Silver also continue slipped and on MCX Silver breaks 1.2 and comes near to Rs 37800. Along this the shocking news is that, when in 2008 Qi are started, then after that from 2011 Gold rose with 70% fast. But when federal reserve started cut in Qi on every month, then Gold price get pressured.

    Crude Oil seen low also. Crude Oil also get pressured on Domestic and International market. Yesterday American energy department release his, then crude fast, but today we again seen low price in Crude. MCX Crude more slipped from 0.5% to RS 5050. here Natural gas also slow on her index and come to loss from 0.2% to Rs 235.
    Chana price rose by 1%. but at this time Chana down in Rs 3100.
    Trading Tips :

    Gold (December future) : Sell MCX 26900 – 26950, SL- 27100 and TGT – 26650.  

    Wednesday 29 October 2014

    Today again we see MCX Gold and Silver both are in positive zone. Gold move above with high points and lead with 0.14%. Silver also move upper side and lead with 0.20%. For the high European markets and low Dollar prices crude get high rank and move above side with 43 points. Nymax Crude has risen close to $ 82. The Brent Crude rose above $ 86.

    Trading Tips -

    December future – Sell Gold 27200, SL – 27400 , TGT – 26900

    November future – Sell Crude 5030 , SL – 5100 , TGT – 4950

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    Tuesday 28 October 2014

    DLF, JSPL, Suzlon, JP Infra and Unitech like many many big traders were counted in category in fancy stocks. Investors and traders both are listed this companies in our portfolio. But form last some time company reputation decreased in both investors and traders list. Because for the bed news and according to this bed news the prices of shares are low.

    Share market the two main index SENSEX and nifty are in 2.31 % down to its highest level. While this five companies and other companies, stock prices are down up to 40%. Then all investors think that, after such a decline, buying this stocks will be profitable or it will continue to fall. We suggest those investors whose portfolios include these stocks,they are away form this trading, if falling in shares are continue.

    Suzlon EnergyThe shares are down for the conversion of FCCB. And its shares are fall 45% form last 1 month.

    Era Infra EngineeringThe shares of this company are fall continue for the increasing debt and management problems. It down 40% from last 1 month.

    Jindal CotexThe decline in company result and Cole blocks cancellation, both are responsible for falling shares prices. It 36% down from last 1 month.

    Monday 27 October 2014

    In domestic market crude oil prices rise. But in International market WTI and Brent both are sluggish. On MCX crude oil trade with 3.00 points in above side and Natural gas also move above side with 1.80 points and trade at Rs 222.30. 

    After dis-line Gold and Silver both comes in safe zone and its trading on above side. Gold comes in 39 points above side from last lowest points and in trading side. On MCX Silver also create a happy environment. His moves in positive side. Silver trade with 59 points i above side and also in trading side.  Copper released from pressure and stay in safe zone. It comes at 1.75 points in upper side from its last lowest points. Aluminium and lead both are moving upward direction and trade with 0.10 and 0.30 points. 

    Friday 24 October 2014

    • In the international market gold trading is the upper level of the previous six weeks.
    • The festive season demand in India due to the surge in gold prices.
    • In the coming days the country is likely to increase demand wedding season, gold prices started.
    • This month, gold prices rose by 3.4 per cent
    • Last trading day at $ 1255 an ounce of gold had reached 
    • Today Comaks gold price trading at 1249 with a loss of $ 3 
    • MCX Gold 0.12 slight decline today is Sathkarobar 
    • Prato 10 grams of gold December futures price at Rs 27520

    Wednesday 22 October 2014

    With the weakness of 0.2 per cent on MCX gold is trading below Rs 27,500. While silver slipped 0.3 per cent to Rs 38 640 break. Although nearly 1 per cent on MCX crude oil is trading at Rs 5070 with. While natural gas is trading at Rs 226.7 climbed 0.5 per cent.

    MCX is seen idling in the base metals. Nickel and zinc is looking marginal gains of 0.1 percent. However, 0.25 percent aluminum, copper and lead 0.3 per cent to 0.2 per cent decline. 

    With nearly 0.5 per cent on NCDEX Chana is trading at Rs 2865. Cotton's move on MCX is flat, and the price seems to Rs 16 240.

    trading tips on this Diwali festival : 

    MCX crude oil (November futures): Sell - 5060, stop loss - 5120 and Target - 4980 

    Nickel MCX (October futures): Buy - 932, stop loss - 922 and Target - 950

    Cotton  (October futures): Buy - 16 150, stop loss - 15800 and Target - 16 540 

    NCDEX chana (November futures): Sell - 2875, stop loss - 2920 and Target - 2820

    Tuesday 21 October 2014

    According to
    “pinnacle financial services”

    Today is Dhanteras, considered auspicious day is extremely wise investment. Invest traditional day on which people do not invest throughout the year they must buy something to this day. But the thing is, if the investment is particular emphasis on gold and silver investors.

    Well the last 2 years of negative returns to investors is gold and silver. But when markets around the world were in the grip of recession, the gold was the only asset which sided with investors. The special thing is that gold on Dhanteras will be cheaper. 5 per cent over last year and two years ago, compared to gold, gold prices are down 30 per cent.

    Currently, about 0.5 per cent, with MCX gold is trading above Rs 27,500. With 0.5 per cent, while silver is trading above Rs 38 700. MCX crude oil around Rs 5060 with marginal gains of 0.1 per cent seems. While natural gas is trading at 0.1 per cent to Rs 225.7.

    Monday 20 October 2014

    Last week very week and bed for crude oil and base metals. But for trading investment gold demands high. For the high demand price of gold are increased. On festive season gold and silver demand are high on high. 

    Last week gold prices are jumped. On MCX gold jump with 1.80%. On Monday gold prices are Rs 26970 per 10 grams but on Saturday gold prices are Rs 27256 per 10 grams. 

    Silver was weak in future market on last weekend. On MCX silver are on Rs 38399 per kg for December future. 

    Next week could see a surge in the price of gold is gold. MCX gold December futures may remain between 26700-28000 per 10 grams. While silver traded in the range of 37000-41500 per kg may be seen.

    Thursday 16 October 2014

    In the present situation Indian market seen different path from global market. Indeed, the declined in crude oil prices are good and huge profitable for Indian market.  Although, no full impact on Indian market for declined in crude oil. 

    Today on MCX crude oil open with 2.75% down side. And trading at 4970.00  with –143 points. On MCX Gold and Silver both trade in positive side. Gold and silver move above side at 144 points with +0.53% and 119 points with +0.31%. Base metals trading with red signals. Copper trade start with 1% in low side. 

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    Wednesday 15 October 2014

    The first half of the fiscal year 2014 - 2015, the turnover of commodity exchange will be decreased from 55%  to Rs 29.8 lakh crore. In it 4 national and 6 domestic exchange. And where business exchanges between 16 to 30 September 13% declined. 

    MCX is the largest commodity exchange in this country, doing business in loss upto 13% to Rs 2.4 lakh crore. Although the turnover of NCDEX more 6% stood at Rs  440.1 billion.  

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    Saturday 11 October 2014

    Sensex and Nifty have seen an explosion of unloading. Sensex and Nifty closed 1.25 per cent slip is. BSE midcap and  Smallcap index fell more than 1 per cent and are closed down. BSE Metal Index was close to 4 per cent to collapse, the auto and FMCG index is 2.5 per cent more than the weakness seen. 

    The BSE Sensex 340 points, and the mean level of 1.3 per cent over the heavy drop 26297.4 turned off. NSE Nifty 100.6 points and the mean level of 1.25 per cent in 7860, with the weakness turned off. 

    Hold that share :

    Firstsource: hold, stop loss of Rs 36, target of Rs 49/50

    HDFC Bank: Buy on dips at Rs 800-820, 20-25% returns in 1 year

    Coal India: Buy at levels of Rs 310-315, Rs 400-410 in one year

    Friday 10 October 2014

    On International level Crude oil are trading in low side.  On Nymex Crude are just slipped 1.75% and trading become a $84. June 25, 2012, the price of Brent crude has slipped below $ 90. its done for, strong Dollar and demand of Crude Oil is getting low. 

    Other side on Comex, gold price are rises. On Comex Gold are trade $1220 in above side. And Silver are trading in between $17.3. 

    Trading Call 

    Gold - Buy Gold future at 26850, target 27100 and stop loss 26700

    Wednesday 8 October 2014

    Very reliable time for NTPC from the supreme court said. NTPC is the government company, but it's 4 of 5 Cole blocks have been cancelled. After cancellation of Cole blacks only 1 Mine is relieved, and more 3-4 mines Relief is expected. NTPC tries to reduce dependency on imported coal. But on this year import of coal is likely to grow. Here NTPC is doing Cole swapping agreement with GSEC.

    From that agreement NTPC get profile 700 – 1000 career Rs. And this benefit will be piped to customers. NTPC planed to buy 8000 MW plant on December-end. NTPC planned 2000 MW plants established on the march, but not getting gas plant and postponed that plans. In addition to the NTPC thermal heavily Focus on Renewable Energy. Plant with a capacity of NTPC plans 3,000 MW.


    Modi government after the trust is grown all over India. The good news is coming from the IMF after increasing Outlook of Standard & Poor's. For the current facial year IFM has increased 5.6% GDP of India, that is 2% more than estimates of July. The IMF thinks that GDP of India increased with 6.4% fast on 2016 Fiscal Year. We said, Inflation in 2014 will be 7.8 per cent and 7.5 per cent next year.

    Here, HSBC Services PMI figures are come also good. On September Indian Service PMI are increasing up to 51.6 from 50.6%. That's why its clear, services sector is increasing in our country.

    • The surge in prices of guar stock decreases in spot markets.
    • Guar pricing increased demand from the domestic market.
    • Aksoprt guar gum prices surge in demand.
    • Guar crop in Rajasthan in some areas due to poor prices.
    • October futures on NCDEX guar gum prices up 2.3 per cent.
    • Rs 16,000 per quintal in futures market price level of guar gum.

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    Tuesday 7 October 2014

    Fears of rising interest rates in the United States there is chaos in the commodities market. Gold fell more than 4-year low of $ 20 per ounce to below $ 1,200 has. Comax price has come close to 1192 dollars per ounce.

    From the middle of October 2015 indicate that the Federal Reserve may hike or before. The dollar is firmly in the pale glow of gold. Continued strength in the dollar is likely to fall into sleep. This scared investors away from gold are made. 

    Decline in crude oil is too overpowering. Nymax to eliminate concerns about supply of crude below $ 90 is reached. This is the lowest level in 1.5 years. While brained even crude is trading around 92 dollars.

    Thursday 2 October 2014

    Wednesday 1 October 2014

    MCX Gold is trading down side in market  with 0.53%. On MCX Gold trading starts with red signals today. Crude Oil also doing flat business. On NCDEX Chana and suger are start with slow trading in positive side. In domestic market Agrri future market castor soybean, guar and termaric open with low side. Natural gas goes in down with 0.5%. Crude oil is visible on the 2-year lows, while Brent crude is trading close to $ 95.

    MCX Gold October trading with -149 points and trading at Rs 26980. Silver December trade at Rs 38198.00 with -318 points. 

    Today MCX Gold trading tips...

    Sell MCX Gold October future below 27150 target 26950 
    stop loss 27250