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  • Friday 31 October 2014

    Signals indicating the Petrol and Diesel prices again low. 2.5 rupee price are down of Oil, this news comes from our source. The prices are down its only for, election comes in Jharkhand and Kashmir. Government going to give this gift to people.

    When we see on August, the price of petrol down 6 times in this month. And anther side government cut the subsidy then diesel price low first time. It just because of , price of Crude Oil decrees in international market. This time, after deduction the price of petrol will be come on lowest level of last 16 month and diesel prices will be equal to last year level.

    The Gold prices also get down in International market. That's why on MCX Gold comes under pressure and get lowest points of this week. Gold come in negative zone up to -106 points and trade at Rs 26497. Silver also get down and trade down side from 0.27% to $ 6.37 per ounce.


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